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Can You See Her


Five Minutes with Dale Fisher

Shine Bright in Your World as Dale Fisher Takes You Into His.

Dale Fisher Gives Us That Feel Good Energy. He’s the kind of artist that never fades away. Why is that? Find out here!

Past Projects

Yellow Machine

"Yellow Machine recording sessions were started in Koln, Germany with Robert Shuller Co-producing and engineering. Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters/ Wallflowers) on keys, Krischan Frehse on Bass (German Touring Bass Player Extrondaire), and Bunno Muller Vom Hofe on Drums. Many other musicians continued the sessions in the ArtFarm Drabenderhohe, Germany, and then back in Los Angeles with Producer Chris Wonzer at the helm. * days in Palm Springs home of a friend brought the mixes and direction of Yellow Machine to its current finished product.

New York City Live

Dale Fisher Live from The Cutting Room NYC

The Cutting Room in New York City was a place widely known for its atmosphere and great live music. The stage and recording studio in a live venue made this a very special place for touring bands. My German brothers at the time flew in for the live recordings and their enthusiasm is heard in the tracks. Kate Earls from NYC really brought the performance to another level.

California Sunshine

Produced by Chris Wonzer and Dale Fisher Engineered & Mixed by Chris Wonzer Assistant Engineer Seth Waldmann Fisher Publishing A.S.C.A.P. Recorded at Conway Studios Hollywood. Additional recording at Psychedelic Shack North Hollywood, CA and Atlantis Group Santa Monica, California Mastered By Gavin Lurssen Mastering Lab Hollywood, CA. Dale Fisher Taylor Acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, Steinway and Yamaha grand piano's, Fender Rhodes, Flute, Harmonica Rami Jaffee Hammond Organ Paul Ill Electric Bass Guitars and Acoustic Upright Bass Kellii Scott Drums Jeff Springer Electric Guitars Louise Post Vocals Tim Brown Drums On Factual Jeff Clauss Trombone Chris Wonzer various instruments and vocals Seth Paulis additional guitars Orchestrations by "The Section" Hollywood, CA String Arrangements By Eric Gorfain Orchestra Sessions engineered by Nathaniel Kunkel Art Dircector Rüdiger Zell's EINzellSTÜCK Drabenderhöhe, Germany Cover Shot and banana tree pic by Steve Shea Photography Newport Beach, CA Piano shot by Kelly Mullis Photography Hollywood, CA Digital work by Photo Bob Irvine, California Live Photos by Oh!-Ton, Jürgen Hillenbach and V. Beckenbach Gümmersbach, Germany

Germany Demos

These recordings were done on the spur of the moment and are quite raw. We decided to change Paris Hilton's name from "Don't Hate Paris" to another name because we were afraid of the blowback. the now, in hindsight, is so much more important, and Don't Hate Paris in it's current form can be heard on the After Berlin Album.


This group Qkumbrz (pronounced Cucumbers)
had a cartoon theme of 4 cucumbers detailed after each band member, and their adventures were brought to life every night we played with our Bass player who was the Artist. He made big murals on the back of the stage that had all 4 of us doing different activities: Playing golf, swimming and diving, tubing down a river, skiing, etc. he put the final strokes on the painting at the very end of the event, and we auctioned them off. All proceeds went to charity. We would put the cash in an envelope (pre-made), and send it out that night, because we were all broke and could not have it around the next day. They kept sending us letters that acknowledged the amount of the donations with a request to stop sending them cash, and send a check. This went on and on, eventually they send a letter inviting us to a big party for donors, because we had reached the level of $5000. The party was amazing and led to many more gigs.

I Want You to Know

I Want You To Know Album was Produced by Chris Wonzer and recorded in Los Angeles.

After Berlin

After Berlin was written almost entirely in Germany. My friend gave me a flat in Belin where I stayed and ran around. They showed me places where the struggle for freedom between East and West Germany took place. People trying to escape were shot and shot at, and the bullet holes still remain in the buildings close to the crossings.

Jettson Fast Food

This artwork comes form a friend who past away from aids back in the 90"s Pristine Condition was his painter name Keith Nelson was his name. He gave me the Art for the last 36 dollars I had, that I gave him for his medication. His life partner had succumbed to this terrible disease 6 months prior and it eventually to Keith. My girlfriend and I went out with him to several parties in Hollywood earlier in our friendship, on July 4th. He sang more patriotic songs from Broadway and beyond, complete with 2nd and 3rd verses. He is sadly missed. This record contains a bonus track at the end of a live recording at the Troubodor in Hollywood. The instrumental is a rendition of the "Snoopy Theme" by Vince Geraldi

Jettson - The EP

This 6 song Ep was the single and charted on the Billboard alternative charts

Young Art

This project was recorded at American Recording Studios in Calabasas, California. Owners, Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper were a trip to work with. These recording took almost a year and have many great stories. These two guys recorded Jack An Diane, Steppen Wolf, Three Dog Night, Alice Cooper, and many many more. I learned more about making records from Richie and Bill, than at any other time in my career. Musicians:

Dale Loren Fisher - EP

This was my first attempt at a solo album, and I played all the instruments except the lead guitar. Recorded on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. By the Producer
who did Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger.

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